It happened in the autumn of 2020, on a Saturday in November. It looked like it was going to be a cold morning but, as often happens on the Costa Daurada, the sun appeared and gave us warm rays of light.
That day Aitana Daza, an example of a brave woman, friend and manager of the Hotel Canada Palace in Calafell, offered us her wonderful space for a photo shoot with the new Calamoon collection.
There was also the photographer Ricardo Caliban, who always accompanies us when we need him, and of course Marc, my partner, my friend and partner in adventure, the one who knows what is behind all this project, with whom I celebrate the victories and who consoles me and encourages me in the hardest moments.

What I didn't know was that the last minute withdrawal of one of the girls would make me join the group, despite being very reluctant to go out as the image of the brand, perhaps out of embarrassment or lack of self-confidence, but events made me take courage and, despite being with the pre-menstrual syndrome at 200%, I had to go down to the ring with the other girls, who of course I wasn't going to disappoint.
In the end it was a wonderful morning, the kind of morning that is made magic by the good vibes that emerge. I felt like we were a team working on something real, something we believed in, something natural, without make-up or hair.

Shooting Calamoon
With this shoot I wanted to do something different to what we are used to seeing. I didn't want to show the typical stereotype of a woman in a bikini, but I wanted to show a reality. That's why I chose these 4 women who volunteered without thinking about it to join in this project, and who I admire deeply for that, for feeling beautiful as they are. For me you have been an inspiration.
Shooting foto Calamoon Canada Palace
I want to thank you: Cristina, Esther, Nerea, Aitana, Marc, Ricardo, without forgetting Mercedes, and of course you, who are reading this.
Shooting foto Calamoon Calafell
Thank you for wanting to do away with the stereotypes that have always marked us, because in the end, the great revolution begins with self-love.

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