Hello! My name is Elisabet and I am a normal girl, like you, with many concerns and a desire to see my desires fulfilled, which pushes me to be always active and to try new things to reach my goals.

For many years I worked as a criminal lawyer in my family's small business, which helped me to deal with difficult situations and solve my clients' problems.

But at the age of 35 I went through a personal crisis and after reflecting and observing myself I realised that I had forgotten my inner child, the one who liked to enjoy creating and inventing things, so, after thinking about it, I decided to enrol in a master's degree in swimwear and lingerie in order to regain that creativity that had been dormant for so long.

And it felt so good that I started to regain that joy that I was missing and after all life is creation, so I decided to go further and create my own swimwear brand: CALAMOON.

And now comes the big question: Why Calamoon? Honestly there is no great story behind that word. Calamoon itself doesn't mean anything; well yes: cala is a tiny beach, and moon is moon in English, but what I really wanted was for my brand to have a name that had never been used before, I wanted a unique and exclusive name for my creations.

The truth is that it has been a long but beautiful road. The times I didn't work in my office I invested in Calamoon, and after 7 months of hard work and few hours of sleep I launched the online shop.

Obviously Calamoon is no longer what it was, it has been growing and changing along with me, we have been evolving to offer you the truth, beautiful clothes suitable for any girl, regardless of size or age.

And so far I can tell you this much. The idea is to keep this blog active to explain, week after week, the experiences I am living with Calamoon. I hope and wish that many of you can use it as inspiration or help to give light to your projects or creations, whatever their form.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading me!


Eliabet Garcia

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