Don't you think that when you get something in your head you can't stop until you get it?

Well, that's what happened to me when I saw the film Pretty Woman again. I wanted to get the same eighties fabric that Julia Roberts is wearing, and until I found it, I didn't stop. I remembered that it was a fabric that was very fashionable when I was little, and that was used to make dresses and swimwear. In addition to its originality, it was a super stretchy, sexy, comfortable and versatile fabric, ideal to offer something different. So I decided to create a new collection that would be called Vivian, in homage to her, the protagonist of the film.

Many models and pop stars wore garments made with this fabric, such as Whitney Houston in the video clip of the super hit "I wanna Dance With Somebody" for which she won a Grammy award in 1988 for best female vocal performance.

We also find images of Wendy James, lead singer of the pop-punk band Transvision Vamp, wearing a super-tight bubblegum pink dress, made of the same eighties fabric.

So as a good eighties fan, Vivian by Calamoon is a collection born out of nostalgia for that era, an era that for me was simply authentic.

Elisabet García.

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